Ziad Kreidy

Pianist & Musicologist

French-Lebanese musicologist, pianist, fortepianist, and composer.

Author of
Takemitsu. À l’écoute de l’inaudible, L’Harmattan, Les avatars du piano, Beauchesne, La facture du piano et ses métamorphoses, Aedam Musicae.

Editor of the collective book Clefs pour le piano. Keys to the piano, Aedam Musicae.

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Live recordings on rare instruments

In today's musical scene, this CD looks like a little alien.

Gérard Pangon - Musikzen


Keys to the piano

Conceived and edited by Lebanese-born Parisian Ziad Kreidy, a pianist and ranking academic. It is a fascinating collection of 21 essays and papers from a disparate collection of piano builders, composers and a few visionaries from ten countries

Michael Johnson - Facts & Arts

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My Unequal Romantic Temperament

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