Ziad Kreidy, French-Lebanese musician, musicologist, pianist, and fortepianist.  
Professor of Music Culture (analysis, research, composition) at Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental of Ville d’Avray.  
Author of Takemitsu. À l’écoute de l’inaudible, L’Harmattan, awarded a "Coup de Cœur Musique Contemporaine 2010" by the Académie Charles Cros, Les avatars du piano, Beauchesne, La facture du piano et ses métamorphoses and  Clefs pour le piano. Keys to the piano, Aedam Musicae.

His recordings are made live on rare instruments.

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Schumann Waldszenen Op. 82 in Unequal Temperament - upright Érard piano circa 1854
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Escritura e imagen. Vol. 6, Madrid, 2010
Short and fascinating (…) this is a stimulating, disturbing, and instructive book. “The role of the intellectual is to sow doubts, not to reap certainties” (Norberto Bobbio). That is what Ziad Kreidy does superbly.
Guillaume Lagrée - www.lejarsjasejazz.over-blog.com 

Musicologist and pianist at once, Ziad Kreidy conducts research in multiple forms. I was recently very impressed by his interest in epoch instruments. 
Christian Goubault - Musicologist

Ziad Kreidy is interested in discovering composers through their pianos; something quite rare. This book, Les avatars du piano, is a ferment of ideas, it brainstorms a tremendous amount of ideas, and it merges al lot of ideas. It does not put forward the truth, the only one, it’s a book that makes us think.  
Ivanka Stoïanova - Musicologist

It’s when he talks technique, when he precisely describes the metamorphosis of this hard to "find" instrument that Kreidy is most original and most evocative, or when he highlights, with examples to prove it, the difficulty to concretize on modern piano some of Beethoven or Chopin’s instructions.
François Lafon - www.musikzen.fr 

Kreidy broaches his subject from an appropriate but hitherto under or unexplored point of view. This brief and seriously argued volume is the result of research conducted for more than ten years with a synthetic approach and a personal practice of the piano at each stage of its metamorphosis. It should advantageously draw the attention of pianists in particular and musicians and music lovers in general.  
Christine Labroche - www.concertonet.com 

Under the penmanship of the eminent Lebanese-French pianist and musicologist Ziad Kreidy, this is a must-read!
Francis Cousté - L’Éducation Musicale 

This short book is obviously worth reading by any piano amateur who listens and/or plays that instrument. 
Agnès Jourdain - www.pianobleu.com 

Les avatars du piano (...) A short book that raises intelligent queries. 
Jean Lacroix - La revue Générale - n° 08 - 09/2012

Interview | Ziad Kreidy : Les avatars du piano     AutreRadioAutreCulture · June 10, 2012    
Chopin | Prelude op. 28 No 15 - Pianoforte Erard grand 1838
Sound recording: Ludovic de Nayer

Documentary | Les avatars du piano